The “Trial Smile” Experience

We understand how helpful it is to see how you will appear and feel with your beautiful new smile. Many of our patients interested in cosmetic procedures are offered a cosmetic preview or “trial smile” at their first appointment.

To prepare your trial smile, Dr. Hollar temporarily places Cosmetic Bonding material over your existing teeth, and expertly shapes the “new” teeth. This is done in a matter of minutes, and no numbing or tooth preparation is needed. One look at your new smile will tell you what a thousand words could not explain.

“Before” and “after” trial smile images, like these, can also be placed in a protected area on this website for viewing by family and friends.

The trial smile also gives Dr. Hollar a reference for future work, and allows her to estimate the number of teeth and cost involved. The fee for the trial smile is includedin your initial visit. Here are more examples: