Microscopic Dentistry

One of the newest technologies used in our office is the dental microscope. The use of dental microscopes in dentistry is becoming widely accepted, and several dental schools are now required to include training on the microscope as part of the curriculum. Many of the finest restorative/cosmetic dentists in the world rely on the expanded field of vision offered by magnification. Dr. Hollar uses the latest generation instrument offered by Seiler Microscope. The Seiler Revelation Dental Operating Microscope magnifies Dr. Hollar’s vision with five different settings ranging from 3x to 20x. The instrument is especially helpful when delicately and conservatively preparing teeth for Porcelain Veneers and porcelain onlays. Tooth defects such as decay and fractures are also more visible under the scope. Dr. Hollar’s microscope is fitted with a high-speed video camera and digital still camera for educational and lecture purposes.

More can be learned about our Seiler Revelation microscope at www.seilerinst.com.