Gum Lift

Healthy pink gum tissue complements and frames the teeth. Gum tissue that is red, swollen, or uneven detracts from teeth that are otherwise healthy. The first order of business for Dr. Hollar and her highly trained hygiene team is to restore the gums to a healthy state. Once the gum tissue is healthy and pink, we will cosmetically evaluate the gumline for the proper contours of tissue. Common problems include asymmetrical gum tissue, which makes the teeth appear to be of different lengths, and the “gummy” smile where too much pink gum shows. Dr. Hollar is often able to perform minimal contouring of the gum tissue to a more aesthetically balanced appearance. This procedure is called a Gum Lift. Generally, gum tissue heals quickly with little discomfort. The cosmetic gum lift is a remarkably simple procedure that can make a tremendous difference in one’s smile.

To see if you are a candidate for a gum lift, please contact our office for more information.