Staff’s Profile

“I believe I have the world’s best staff! They are dedicated, motivated, educated, and caring. The best part is, we all love our jobs and want to be here for all of our patients’ needs.” ~~ Susan Hollar, D.D.S.

Mark, Office Manager

Mark is Dr. Hollar’s husband and life-long partner in dentistry, and has worked side-by-side her since their marriage in 1983. From Illinois, Mark has a business and computer background and a BS degree from Illinois State University. He has helped pioneer computerized dental systems in the profession and has kept our office at the forefront of office and dental technology. Mark takes an active role in treatment planning, treatment coordination, digital photography, lecture organization, and office administration. He attends many dental seminars around the country and is a published author in Dental Economics magazine.

Another one of Mark’s major interests is the creation of dental websites. He is co-owner , where he and his partner design and implement world-class websites across the country. This website is one of their creations!

Mark’s hobbies include activities with their children, Sam and Sarah, playing golf, fishing, and traveling with his family.

~~ “I love my family, I love my life, and I love dentistry. I’m the luckiest man in the world.”

Mary, Business Manager

Mary began her dental career in our office as a dental assistant in 2002. Mary was then promoted to our business manager. Having an excellent knowledge of clinical dentistry, a good business mind, and a caring sweet personality, makes Mary the perfect person to help make an appointment that is just right for you. She is also able to answer any fee, insurance, or financing questions you may have.

Born in Nashville, Tennessee, Mary was raised in Europe while her Father was in the military. After his retirement, their family moved to Arlington, Texas. She and her husband Vu enjoy taking care of their beautiful young son, Jaeden and their two lab mixes, Charlie and Zoe.

~~ “Dr. Hollar’s office has become my second family.”

Kyla, R. D. H., Dental Hygienist

Kyla is Dr. Hollar’s hygienist. Kyla began her dental career assisting Dr. Hollar in 2002, before graduating from Texas Woman’s University with a degree in Dental Hygiene. Kyla is a dedicated, caring, and highly skilled member of our team who is an expert with the latest dental hygiene technology. She especially likes her Cavitron ultrasonic scaler, which is unparalleled in patient comfort and clinical efficacy.

Kyla and her husband Chris have two children, Lance and Trysten, who bring them much joy. Kyla’s hobbies include running with her dog Harley and spending time with her family.

Rhonda, Head Dental Assistant & Dental Ceramist

Rhonda is Dr. Hollar’s faithful long-time dental assistant. Hired after graduating from Grand Prairie High School, she has been Dr. Hollar’s right hand dental assistant since 1983. A dedicated student of dentistry, Rhonda has attended hundreds of hours of advanced continuing education. An extremely talented and skillful assistant and dental ceramist, Rhonda’s gentle and caring attitude make her a most valuable member of Dr. Hollar’s team, making everyone say, “You’re in good hands with Rhonda.”

Rhonda and her husband Regan stay quite busy with their daughter Caylee and son Kevin. Rhonda’s main hobby is being a mom.

~~ “This office is my home, and everyone here is my family.”

Andra, Dental Assistant

Andra is Dr. Hollar’s backup Dental Assistant. She is currently a junior at UTA and has been with us for a little over 2 years. With hopes of attending dental school, she has been mentoring Dr. Hollar and Rhonda.

Andra is from Robert Lee, Texas and moved to Arlington shortly after high school to attend college here. She loves working out, shopping and spending time with friends and family.

~~ “I’m blessed to be in an environment where everyone cares.”

Rebecca Mullins, Receptionist

RebeccaThe friendly voice you hear when calling our office is that of, Rebecca Mullins. Although new to dentistry, Rebecca is eager to help arrange the appointment that is perfect for you. A trained aesthetician for six years, her hard work and eye for beauty make a perfect fit for the cosmetic dental practice. We welcome her aboard!

Rebecca is a lifelong Arlington resident and she and husband Wes have a wonderful young daughter Daphne. Rebecca and family enjoy hiking and anything to do outdoors.

~~ “I am so excited about working with a team of professionals dedicated to prevention, restoration, and beauty. I look forward to helping our patients receive the best that dentistry has to offer!”

Sarah Absher, Dental Technician

SarahSarah Absher is the daughter of Dr. Hollar and Mark. After studying art at the University of Arkansas, Sarah decided to put her talents in use to the family business, and she loves it! With extremely gifted hands and an artistic eye, Sarah’s goal is to become a dental ceramist and to create Porcelain Veneers for her mom’s patients.

Sarah is currently in charge of our lab operation and helps coordinate model work and the many details that go into our porcelain masterpieces.

In her spare time, Sarah likes to spend time with her friends, golf, work out, and oil paint. Her cat’s name is Le Mouse.