In-House Dental Laboratory

Behind every great dentist stands a great team of dental technicians and ceramists. Dr. Susan Hollar has assembled a world-class group of individuals that have surpassed the ordinary and who are extraordinary in their field. Besides using top dental ceramist from around the world, since 1990 Dr. Hollar has utilized an in-house dental laboratory, which is a true advantage over traditional dental offices. The in-house dental laboratory is especially helpful when creating complex dental reconstructions and when matching natural teeth to ceramic teeth. We are able to bring to each case extensive experience and consummate artistry, and most importantly, we provide those noticeable little extras that take a successful case and make it even better.

Our Laboratory Team

Rhonda Cook, Ceramist

After twenty-five years as Dr. Hollar’s lead dental assistant, Rhonda Cook is now our top dental ceramist. Rhonda is a highly skilled artist and limits her ceramic creations to only front teeth and to those cases that are of the highest degree of difficulty.

Her artistry and creativity are truly remarkable, and all of her work is created in our in-house dental laboratory. Pictured above is one of Rhonda’s and Susan’s most recent porcelain veneer creations.

Sarah Absher, Ceramist

Sarah Absher is our very talented in-house laboratory technician, who is also Dr. Hollar’s and Mark’s daughter. After studying art for two years at the University of Arkansas, Sarah decided to turn her attention to the family business. Blessed with her mother’s incredible artistic ability, Sarah is learning the art and science of dental ceramics.

As our lab technician she is working side by side with a dental team with over 80 plus years’ combined experience.  Some of Sarah’s duties include the fabrication of porcelain onlays for molar teeth, diagnostic models, bite appliances, bleaching appliances and the duplication of models used in ceramic fabrication.

Her ultimate goal is to learn to make Porcelain Veneers for her mom’s patients. Sarah enjoys oil painting, working out, and being with her friends. Her cat’s name is Le Mouse. Pictured above is one of Sarah’s recent creations.

Matt Roberts, Ceramist

As a teenager Matt Roberts became interested in dentistry while working with his father at his dental practices.  He attended college at Idaho State University.  In 1979 he founded CMR Dental Laboratory in Idaho Falls, Idaho.

He is an accredited member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry.  He lectures nationally and internationally and has worked with many of the leading clinicians in the country. He is on the editorial board of Practical Periodontal and Aesthetic Dentistry. Matt and Dr. Hollar are both visiting faculty members at the Pankey Institute in Key Biscayne Florida.

Matt is the founder of Team Aesthetic Seminars and holds advanced level training classes for dentists and ceramists. His goals are to elevate the quality of restorative treatment received by patients by creating an interactive working relationship between dentists, ceramists, and specialists.

For more information about Matt Roberts visit Pictured above is one of Matt and Susan’s most recent porcelain veneer creations.

For more information about Brad Patrick visit Pictured above is one of Brad’s and Susan’s most recent porcelain veneers creation.