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Ultra Sonic Scalers

A cavitron is a dental hygiene tool that uses high frequency sound waves to clean teeth. The cavitrons used in our office are state of the art instruments that have proven to be a very successful tool in removing tartar from both above and below the gumline. Instead of scaling the teeth with bulky hand scalers, the cavitron ultrasonic cleaner uses oscillating sound waves to gently vibrate the tartar away from your teeth. The cavitron unit is so gentle that it can even be used for deep cleaning and gum therapy without the need for anesthesia. Having your teeth cleaned with a cavitron is a safe effective and painless alternative to traditional cleaning methods. Some of the advantages of the cavitron include:

  • Faster than traditional teeth cleaning methods
  • A pleasant alternative to hand scaling
  • Safe and effective method to clean teeth

For more information about cavitron ultra sonic scalers visit

Full Mouth Rehabilitation


There are times when a person’s teeth are in such a severe state that full-mouth rehabilitation becomes necessary. Common reasons for such major treatment are severe wear, bruxism, extensive decay, tooth loss, periodontal disease, replacement of old dental work, a bad bite, crooked teeth, enamel erosion, retained deciduous teeth, genetically small teeth, trauma, and tetracycline stain. Treatment in such cases can be very complex, often utilizing one or more specialists such as a periodontist, endodontist, oral surgeon, or orthodontist.

Dr. Hollar’s interdisciplinary approach and extensive training in treating full mouth cases, make her office the ideal place to experience major dental reconstruction. A Pankey-trained dentist and one of only 43 Pankey Scholars in the world today, she works quite closely with the finest specialists in Dallas, Fort Worth, Arlington and the surrounding D/FW area to help ensure treatment success. Utilizing an in-house dental laboratory, renowned ceramists from around the country, and a talented caring staff, she has created hundreds of amazing full-mouth rehabilitation results – all backed by our World-Class Ten-Year warranty. Here are a few of our incredible cases:

For more information about full mouth rehabilitation and restoration, please contact our office for more information.

Gum Lift


Healthy pink gum tissue complements and frames the teeth. Gum tissue that is red, swollen, or uneven detracts from teeth that are otherwise healthy. The first order of business for Dr. Hollar and her highly trained hygiene team is to restore the gums to a healthy state.

Once the gum tissue is healthy and pink, we will cosmetically evaluate the gumline for the proper contours of tissue. Common problems include asymmetrical gum tissue, which makes the teeth appear to be of different lengths, and the “gummy” smile where too much pink gum shows. Dr. Hollar is often able to perform minimal contouring of the gum tissue to a more aesthetically balanced appearance. This procedure is called a Gum Lift. Generally, gum tissue heals quickly with little discomfort.

The cosmetic gum lift is a remarkably simple procedure that can make a tremendous difference in one’s smile. contact The Art of Dentistry to determine if you are a candidate for the procedure.

(Insert before and after of gum lift)

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